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My name is Lee. I am a sixth grade student. I need help on my pencil drawing.

What can I do to the background? What should I do with the bird's chest? How can I make the values show more than they do?

hawk before

The eye is good so far and you certainly are making it dramatic,
which is important.

Do you see any more detail in the eye surrounding the pupil which could be interesting to describe?
— Joan, artist

hawk eye detail before
hawk eye detail after
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I think that your picture is very good. I think that you should make his chest more textured.
—Kris and Katy
5th graders
chest texture chest texture after
You asked about "background." This is the place where you can add information that will tell a bit of a story. Imagine how different this same drawing would be if there were tree branches and leaves in the background, or hunters with guns, or zoo cage bars. Not one line of the eagle has changed, yet the meaning of the drawing is completely different for each of those backgrounds. Even an even black tone would give a very different mood than the even white you have at this point.
You may wish to xerox your drawing and try out different backgrounds until you decide on the one that you like.
— Ken, artist
Thank you so much for all of your remarks.
What I ended up doing is I put bars in the back so it looks like it is in a cage in the zoo.
— Lee
hawk before hawk after

What a difference, Lee! The bars add such a sense of place--not only is it a hawk, but we know something about this hawk now — a bit of a story. In fact, since the bars are BEHIND the hawk, you put me (the viewer) right in the cage with him! (Her?)
— Ken, artist

We like how you outlined the wing so you know that it's not part of the chest. — Jerry & Derek k-5

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