design conersations
Step 1.
For the initiator: Give some background information. Describe in detail what you are trying to accomplish. State what works well. If there is something that pleases you that you do not intend to change, let the responders know.. Ask for specific feedback.

Step 2.
For the responders: Respond to the piece of work under discussion. Make sure to focus comments on the requested feedback

Step 3.
For the initiator: Reply to the discussion, posting a new message that gives the group a look at the next version. Ask for new requests for feedback, if needed.

Step 4.
For the responders: Continue the discussion as before.

Step 5.
For the initiator: When you are finished, upload the final product and write a reflective statement.

Step 6.
For the responder: Once a piece is finished, limit comments to positive observations. This is a time for celebration instead of critical input.

design conversations
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information exchange
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