Engaging the Community
Meaningful education connects learning to community life. The WEB Project is partnering with several teacher groups and community-based organizations to connect technology and learning with wider goals such as economic development, heritage, and the artistic celebration of rural living. A sample of partnerships includes:


History Harvest: A web-based teaching aid for Vermont and New Hampshire educators along the Connecticut River watershed, History Harvest was launched at Vermont History Expo in June 2005. The site offers brief history summaries linked to primary source materials and secondary resources. Students and teachers can use existing materials, add more details to current stories, or research and prepare new ones.



The Flow of History: The Connecticut River Valley in Vermont and New Hampshire is the site of two federal Teaching American History grants. The WEB Project has been a major partner of these grants, applying knowledge of technology innovation to build a virtual collection of stories and primary sources that link local events to the study of American history.



iPutney.com: iPutney is an online citizen journalism site for the people of Putney, Vermont to share community news and other items of interest. The WEB Project has underwritten the first year's expense so that developers can determine whether the site will provide a needed service to townspeople. This site is one of many efforts to coordinate activities across different interest groups and organizations.




The Strolling of the Heifers: On June 8, 2002 Southern Vermont staged the first annual strolling of heifers down Main Street, Brattleboro. Now in its fifth year, this week-end event celebrates agricultural life and dairy farming. It also offers the community a chance to learn more about how Vermonters mix the old and the new to form a unique expression that blends past influences with future thinking. A newly created foundation supports educational outreach.




Putney's Celebration 2003: In 2003 the Town of Putney celebrated its 250th anniversary of the signing of its first town charter. With support from the VT Humanities Council and the Josephine Bay Paul and the C. Michael Paul Foundation, the WEB Project partnered with the Putney Historical Society and other town organizations to collect oral histories and assemble artifacts that represent the last 50 years of Putney history. Primary materials were used to: write a history book, prepare digital info, and present works of art, music, and theater.




Radio Victoria/El Salvadoran Youth Radio: There is a lot to learn from rural areas around the globe. In November 2001, the WEB Project donated video equipment to Radio Victoria, a youth group in El Salvador who have created a community radio station. With support from the Anne Slade Frey Charitable Trust, Deb Ellis and Fern Tavalin travelled to Victoria to present the equipment and to teach its use. Since then, radio station member Cristina Starr has prepared numerous videos to demonstrate the powerful role Radio Victoria plays in its community.


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